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FAQ General



What is the difference between Project Solutions programming and other similar programs at other agencies?  

We cannot speak for other agencies, but we can tell you about our programs and our philosophy of treatment. 


For starters, our agency is:


  • Focused on wellness

  • Dedicated to working with individuals that are court involved

  • Comprised of caring and qualified professionals

  • Specialized in jail alternative programs 

  • Not so large that we lose track of what’s important (the client), but big enough to provide well-rounded services


At Project Solutions we treat our clients with respect.  You will not be treated like a criminal or be shamed; nor will you be treated like an “alcoholic/addict”. You will be treated like a real human, with a real-life, with real problems, and a real need to be introduced to a professional that can empathize and understand your situation.


Will my private insurance/medical card pay for my Jail Alternative Program at Project Solutions?


Insurance does not cover fees for court ordered Jail Alternative Programming. However, you may qualify for financial assistance to assist you in paying for court ordered programming.


How do I change/reschedule/cancel my appointment/program date?


Call our office at (330) 705 - 6989



Where are the Jail Alternative Programs held?

All of our Jail Alternative Programs are held at hotels (not inside institutions, treatment centers, or jail facilities). We offer programs at:


The Comfort Inn                     

5345 Broadmoor Cir             

Canton, Ohio 44709             

How do I register for a Jail Alternative Program?


You simply call (330) 705 - 6989. 


No tedious paperwork for you to fill out and no running around. 


You pay nothing to register; a simple phone registration secures your date.


When should I register?

We recommend registering as early as possible to ensure you are able to get the date you want/need, as our classes fill up quickly. 


Do I have to pay to register?

No. Registering for a program simply holds your place for a specific date. You can certainly pay at the time of registration if you would like, but payment (in full) is due at least one week prior to your scheduled program. 


How long do Jail Alternative Programs last?  Do programs run every day of the week?

  • The Driver Intervention Program is 3-days (72 hours) as required by state law. DIP Programs run Thursday 6pm - Sunday 6pm

  • The Domestic Violence and Theft Programs are 2-days (16 daytime hours) on Saturday and Sunday.

  • These programs generally operate 1-2 times per month.

When is my payment due for my 3-day program?

You can pay any time after registration, but your fees must be paid (in full) one week prior to your scheduled program date. 


How do I pay for my 3-Day Program?

For your convenience, you can PAY HERE with a credit card


How do I get proof of my attendance to the Judge/Court/Probation Officer/etc.? 

After program completion, we give you a copy of your completion certificate for your records and we deliver the necessary paperwork to the court or other referral source. 


What will I do all day while at a Jail Alternative Program?

 Expect to be in programming from 8am - 5pm with breaks for meals.  In the evening, we generally have guest speakers and you will have a bit of free time each night.  


What time do I need to be there?

  • For Driver Intervention Programs (3-day) - You need to be at the hotel program site between 5:45pm - 6pm on Thursday for check-in.

  • For Domestic Violence and Theft Programs - You need to be at the program site between 8:45am - 9am on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Late check-ins are NOT permitted.


What time can I leave?

  • For Driver Intervention Programs, you will be released at 6pm Sunday. 

  • For Domestic Violence and Theft Programs, you will be released at 5pm each day.

What can I bring?

 Bring what you need for your 3-day stay

  • Casual/comfortable clothing

  • Hygiene products

  • Cell phone

  • Spending money for snacks

  • Books

  • The hotel will provide towels. 

Who will I be rooming with?

Room assignments are made at check in for the program. Expect 3 people to a room unless you opt to pay for a single room. 

Can I smoke?

Yes. In designated areas only.


Can I bring a cell phone?

Yes. In fact, it makes it much easier for you to stay in touch with your loved ones if you have a cell phone.


Can I bring food?

You will be served 3 hearty meals daily and there will be snacks available for purchase. You are permitted one grocery bag size of unopened snacks/drinks to keep in your room. All food/drinks are subject to inspection and can be deemed inappropriate by staff and discarded. 


Can I bring a laptop, X-box, etc.?  

It is not recommended.  If you wish to bring things to use during your limited downtime; we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. You may want to consider bringing small, low cost, items (books, magazines, playing cards).


Will you make me come back for more services, costing me more money?

People are often concerned about being referred for additional services after completion of their Jail Alternative Program.  Our referral rates are very low.  Our professionals always have your best interest (health and wellness) at heart and they execute ethical referrals that are based on your individual circumstances.  In other words, if you are referred by one of our professionals, then a referral is exactly what you need for long-term wellness!

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